The Flight of the Raven

a mechanical raven
  blasted away
with courage and hope
  on a beautiful day

she gathered her speed
  in a heavenly flight
she sent her goodbyes
  through encircling night

a perilous journey
  her fuel she would burn
her passengers knowing
  they'd never return

she'd find a new world
  among stars far away
a new sun would rise
  she would see a new day

her prospects were splendid
  she needed no luck
but misfortune found her
  a pebble she struck

all systems were working
  they checked all around
there was but one problem
  she couldn't slow down

while hurtling past
  stars brighter than chrome
she sought a large mass
  to slingshot back home

'twas empty before her
  'twas nothing but black
her last hope was fading
  she couldn't turn back

they composed a fine story
  you've heard it I'm sure
a world of clean air
  and water so pure

a planet so lovely
  unspoiled twin of Earth
with room for more people
  than the world of our birth

a lonely black raven
  concealing her cries
asked us to join her
  to share in her prize

we boarded our starships
  toward raven we flew
we wanted to stroll by
  those waters so blue

we logged all her signals
  we flew where she led
until that dark day when
  the beacon went dead

we've come to believe
  we followed a ghost
of one thing we're certain
  our hopes are now lost

some lose their spirit
  when they arrive here
with nothing to live for
  alone in their fear

we're damned to the void
  hearts empty of joy
with more still arriving
  who bought raven's ploy



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